Tamara Babaian

CIS Dept, Bentley University

Tamara Babaian

I am am a Professor at Bentley's Computer Information Systems department. In the past I've been a member of ERP Usability, and led a RealViz research groups at Bentley. I teach graduate and undergraduate courses, in Machine Learning, NLP for FinTech, and programming.

If you are a student interested in working on a technology-related research project, contact me by email or in person.


My research interests lie in the area of intelligent and collaborative systems. With my colleagues and students I study how to create software systems that would work not just like mere tools, but more like ideal human assistants: smart, capable, helpful and considerate. Such behaviors make a system collaborative and the system-user interaction becomes human-computer collaboration. Creating systems that behave collaboratively requires developing design and evaluation methods, as well as appropriate representations, algorithms and novel user interface components, and that is what I have been doing for the past decade and a half.

My most recent research addresses language model-based entity recognition, more specifically, medical symptom recognition, and transforming voice input into timeline visualizations. Implemented prototypes include a system, helping a user find and insert citations, called Writer's Aid, an interactive interface component displaying process-related context information for enterprise systems, called ProcViz, a component that captures the history of system use and can replay any past system-user interaction, called Playback, and a couple of useful visualizations: an Association Map for exploring relationships between entities, and a Dynamic Task Map, for aiding navigation in systems with a large number of transactions.

Teaching - Spring 2024

   cs230 - Introdution to Programming with Python