ProcViz - Interactive Business Process Visualization

Interactive process visualizations alongside task interface

Dynamically Generating Process Visualizations from System Logs

Process visualizations are typically used for managing business workflows, yet they have tremendous potential for assisting users of ERP systems. We have developed an approach that extracts usage and contextual information from logged data for providing dynamic, interactive visualizations of the processes supported by the system and performed by users. This approach has been implemented in an ERP prototype built upon our TIL model, which links higher-order tasks and processes to the history of system usage. Process visualizations communicate the composition of tasks into processes and provide visual and textual information on the flow of objects between tasks as well as the frequency with which users have followed particular task sequences. Process instance visualizations enable the discovery of detailed information on user-system interactions, including the actual business objects used as inputs to and created as outputs from each task. Together, these visualizations offer guidance and support for enabling more effective and efficient use of these complex systems.

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