CS 299 – Web 2.0

CS 299: Web 2.0 Technology, Strategy, Community is an experimental course that I introduced at Bentley University.

Recent advances in Internet technologies combined with a society that relies upon them have brought about a new genre of applications, technologies, and business models for communicating, creating, and sharing information on the World Wide Web. “Web 2.0” marks the evolution from a “one way” web filled with static content to a dynamic “read/write” web that has become a platform promoting collaboration and communication, and fostering social networks that link people as well as the digital information they share. This course examines the impact of Web 2.0 tools and applications on social and business processes and their underlying technologies through both case studies and hands-on experience.

This class introduces Web 2.0 through both hands-on experience and critical examination of case studies of current companies from the viewpoints of both business and social media. Students will gain an understanding of how Web 2.0 fosters a culture of participation, learn specific Web 2.0 applications, and describe new business models and opportunities that Web 2.0 enables.

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