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Introducing Big Data into the Digital Literacy Curriculum

Last year at ISECON,  I gave a workshop about teaching Big Data to introductory IT students. Here’s an updated and slightly simplified version of the exercise we did in that workshop, modified for a class I taught last summer. Download the exercise.

 This year, my paper summarized the lesson presented to students and shared student impressions of the importance of learning about Big Data.

Next week, Bentley is holding a research colloquium where I am sharing similar ideas about ways to introduce Big Data topics to introductory students. Here’s my poster.


Annual Report

I’m spending part of this morning writing my annual activity report. Doing so gives me an opportunity to reflect on my professional accomplishments during the year and think of all the places I’ve been.


Shaping up to be a Busy Summer







I enjoy speaking with teachers and educators about technology, and have several opportunities this summer:

June 6 – NERCOMP Every College has a computer lab SIG

June 10-14 –  Cypress Fairbanks Rigor, Relevance, Relationships Conference, Texas – teaching about flipped classroom pedagogy and techniques

July 29-31  Campus Technology Conference in Boston – I’m giving a workshop on flipped classroom and a session on tools for teaching big data concepts.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Welcome to Class! Please Take Out Your Cell Phones (and Tablets)!

I’m speaking today at NERCOMP’s SIG on BYO-WHAT : The Challenges and Solutions in Supporting Mobile Devices on Campus. My topic is integrating mobile devices in the classroom.

George Claffey from Charter Oak College began the day pointing out the issue around supporting mobile devices in the classroom is not the number of people, but the number of devices per person. Students have laptops, phones, tablets, maybe e-readers.  It used to be that one IP address per person was sufficient, but school infrastructures need to handle this increased use of the number of mobile devices.

Here are my slides: