RealViz – Interactive Visualizations for Real-Life Systems



Tamara Babaian

Tamara Babaian,CIS

intelligent interfaces, system-user collaboration, usability

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter,Math

mathematics education software, computer graphics

Alina Chircu

Alina Chircu,IPM

business value of transformational technologies; supply chain; e-commerce

Roland Hübscher

Roland Hübscher,IDCC

user interface design, educational technology, artificial intelligence, informal learning

Wendy Lucas

Wendy Lucas,CIS

enterprise system usability, information visualization, information search

Sandeep Purao

Sandeep Purao,IPM

design, evolution and management of complex techno-organizational systems

Jennifer Jie Xu

Jennifer Jie Xu,CIS

business intelligence, data mining, business analytics, social network analysis, human-computer interaction, and enterprise systems

Students and Alums