Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement Program

The CIS Sandbox is seeking corporate underwriting support for its peer-led tutoring program that is vital to students’ academic success and supplies industry with a skilled workforce.  Corporate sponsorship provides industry with opportunities to participate in the tutoring, mentorship, and social learning that the CIS Sandbox provides, by providing a micro-internship opportunity to one of our outstanding tutors.  As a sponsor, your organization will receive:

  • The opportunity to work with a CIS Sandbox tutor in a micro-internship opportunity for approximately 30 hours per semester. You and a CIS Sandbox tutor will work on an entry-level business or technology problem, or presentation showcasing the company’s products or services. This will culminate in a CIS Sandbox community-wide event for students, faculty, staff, campus partners, and corporate sponsors. (Expected attendance:  20-40 people)
  • A bio of the CIS Sandbox tutor who will be supported by your company and introduction to the student tutor for collaborative opportunities.
  • Acknowledgment on a corporate sponsors page of the CIS Sandbox website (approximately 630 page views per week during the 2020-2021 year), as well as displayed onsite in the CIS Sandbox.
  • Established connections to additional CIS Sandbox tutors for future additional collaborative, internship and employment opportunities.


Inaugural Sponsors  (Fall 2021)



Nickarlet Jeffrey, an undergraduate Computer Information Systems major,  is working on a project with Bentley Alumnus Chad Wright, CIO at Boston Dynamics.  She is investigating the use of augmented reality tools for training users of the Spot robot.


Stephen Wang , a graduate student in the MS in Digital Innovation program, is working on a project with Bhavik Patel, Principal at Systems Evolution, Inc.   He is developing a database driven application using MS Power Apps to be used for managing and automating the candidate interview process.



How Your Company Can Participate

Sign up now to reserve your place for Spring 2022 or Fall 2022.   To ensure our best students participate, the number of sponsorship opportunities is limited.

An investment of $2,500 will sponsor one CIS Sandbox tutor for one semester. One or two-semester sponsorship opportunities are available. Your involvement fully supports CIS tutors and their participation in the Industry Engagement Program. Selected tutors will continue as tutors in the CIS Sandbox and will work with corporate partners on a micro-internship project to be presented to the CIS Sandbox community. The CIS Sandbox Director will select our best tutors to be recognized in this role.  Eligible tutors will meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding academic performance and work ethic; dedicated member of the CIS Sandbox Team for at least one semester
  • Junior or Senior standing; major or minor in CIS or Data Analytics, or graduate students who have completed at least one CIS course at Bentley

By getting involved, you will help prepare Bentley students to thrive as your company’s future employees.

  • Ensure and amplify the CIS Sandbox’s ability to attract, recognize, reward, and retain the best tutors on Bentley’s campus – technology leaders who will promote an entrepreneurial and supportive environment to students at the intersection of technology and business.
  • Allow the CIS Sandbox to increase tutoring staff to meet the increased demand of student tutoring requests.
  • Further an experiential community technology learners and future business professionals prepared to solve business problems in their chosen areas of interest and expertise.
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for corporate-sponsored tutors to work with their host companies and present to the Bentley community via CIS Sandbox events.

For more information…

Download the Industry Engagement Executive Summary and the CIS Sandbox Brochure.

Please contact me to discuss how your organization can become part of the the CIS Sandbox Industry Engagement Program.

Mark Frydenberg

Director, CIS Sandbox;
Senior Lecturer of Computer Information Systems

mfrydenberg at bentley dot edu

(781) 891-2689