Fix Your Mac Before Taking The IT101 Final

Students who use Macs in IT 101 may have experienced a problem on the midterm where the clock was not in sync, causing Blackboard to submit their exams early.  All Mac users should install the VMWare Tools below to fix this problem.  Instructions and the file you need to download are at this link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsyOMvv7P9tBjHbLeqnmCJAi7Bhu […]

Review Session

IT101 Crunch Sessions

Final Exams are quickly approaching! This year the Sandbox will be holding review sessions for students currently taking IT101. Review sessions will be held on Monday, 12/11 and Thursday 12/14. Topics to be covered include nested functions, basic VBA, HTML/CSS, VLOOKUPS, and structured references. Students will also be given a chance to ask questions on any […]