Java Debugging Cheat Sheet

Debugging is the process of detecting and removing errors in programming. This blog post is a guide that will help you debug your Java code in Eclipse. Debug Perspective The Debug perspective is the screen that you’ll view when you’re debugging a program. This features: Variables – what the value of each variable in your […]

CIS Sandbox

Project Jacquard

Each year, tech companies make strides in incorporating technology seamlessly into everyday life. Nearly two years ago, Apple introduced the Apple Watch, pioneering a new trend of wearable technology. The product was not a huge success to say the least, which may have hampered many people’s faith in wearable technology. This coming fall, Google intends […]


Sam Assignment 5 Tutorial

Need help creating and formatting PivotTables for Sam Assignment 5? Check out this video! This video includes how to insert a PivotTable, how to display and format the value field, and how to create and format a slicer. Below is a link to an article that provides additional instructions on how to create a PivotTable, […]


Hands-On Workshop: Build an App with Mendix!

Follow these instructions to set up the Mendix Modeler on your computer before the workshop.  If  you are using a Mac you need to download the software using your Windows virtual machine. Getting Started with the Mendix Modeler.Instructions.V3.3_14_2017.           Learn to build a mobile app with the Mendix platform using agile development […]