Cashier-Less Grocery Store?

The new Amazon Go store is set to debut its first physical location to the public in Seattle sometime this year. Coined by Amazon as a “Just Walk Out Shopping experience”, the store will be 1,800-square feet and have various grocery store items such as milk, baked goods, and prepared foods. In addition, the store […]

Future Technology


Imagine reaching San Francisco in less than 40 minutes from Los Angeles. Yes, a journey like that is not too far in the future. A concept which surfaced multiple times in the history of pneumatics was re-emphasized my Elon Musk when he introduced the Hyperloop system for high speed rail transportation. SpaceX reintroduced usages of […]


EY Women in Technology Consulting Conference

EY Women in Technology Consulting Conference (National Program)   Are you looking for a way to leverage your education to fuel a career in the ever-evolving world of technology? If you are a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) student with a passion for technology and an interest in getting an early start in the […]