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Not sure if you saw this LA Times article, but Glendale Community College in California credited us with the design (and name) of their new computer lab. I had been working with their director, Brett Miketta, for a while on the plans, and tech equipment, as well as ways to motivate students to become involved in shaping […]


Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Samsung recently released the Galaxy Note 7, bragging about the new stylus, security and protection features, and increased storage.  The phone has an iris scanner to unlock, in order to protect user’s data more effectively.  It is also water-resistant, and can survive thirty minutes under five feet of water.  The device is quite impressive.  However, […]


The Autonomous Car Uprise

Welcome to the Sandbox’s weekly tutor blogs. We’ll be posting tech-related content from the news/ our lives that we find interesting and worth sharing. The first of this semester is a piece about self-driving cars. Enjoy! As a city-dweller with easy access to public transportation, my motto has always been: “car-free is care-free.” Now as it turns […]