Google Inbox: something different from Gmail

Google Inbox is by the same team that built Gmail, but is designed to be completely different from Gmail. Currently Inbox is only available to a limited number of people, but is expanding its user pool via an invite system. Google designed this application to help people deal with overloaded mailbox. With important information buried […]

The Ultimate Developer Event – Free Tickets

Free tickets are available to CIS majors and minors to attend the Ultimate Developer Event , coming up on Thursday, Oct. 30th. At the Boston Seaport Hotel in downtown Boston. The show is entirely about APIs, both building them and consuming them, so we think the topic would be very useful to anyone learning web or mobile development. Here […]

HTML 5 Canvas vs. Svg

Being confused with Canvas and SVG tags? They both seem some places where you can draw graphs? This article will briefly explore the main differences between these two elements. Svg: a language for defining vector-based graphics for the Web. Canvas: the container for graphics. Differences: 1. Canvas is resolutions dependent whereas Svg is resolutions independent. That […]

Java: A Complete Guide to Array and ArrayList

Many students have confusions between Array and ArrayList in Java when it comes to the question of which to use. The major difference between this two is the static nature of Array and dynamic nature of ArrayList. Specifically, if you define and initialize an Array, you can never add or remove elements from it. However, […]

What’s new with Windows 10?

  Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 10. Yes they’re skipping 9, and for good reasons too! They want to signify that it is a big change and that it will work across platforms, also they don’t want people to search for “Windows 9” and have old information about Windows 95, Windows 98, and […]

Debugging your webpage

Being frustrated with debugging your web page? Do you know, to some degree, your web browser can work as powerful as a sophisticated IDEA such as Eclipse? This blog will introduce the magic Developer Tools of popular browsers. Let’s take Google Chrome for example. 1. Push F12 button to enter Developer Tools console. (or Fn+F12 […]