Chill Zone

Last year I met with Kathy Gross, from Waltham’s Park and Recreation Department, and Donnie Aucoin, who is the IT Director for the City of Waltham (and teaches IT 101 here at Bentley.) They were looking to create an after school space for middle school students with computers and technology, socialization, recreation, and education. I […]

Touring Akamai, Home to the Fast Internet

Last week, a group of 35 Bentley students, accompanied by Professor Ahmed traveled into Cambridge to visit Akamai’s Network Operations Command Center, and receive networking advice from Bentley alum working at Akamai. The group was led on the tour by Bentley alum, Chris Meyfarth, who explained quite a bit about Akamai’s strategy. Put in simple terms, […]


This past Saturday, Conner Charlebois, Nick Hentschel, and Mark Frydenberg gave a presentation at ISECON 2013 regarding the CIS Sandbox’s new layout and how it has contributed to an increase in entrepreneurial amongst members of the Sandbox community. They also went into detail about the new swipe-in system at the Sandbox, and the various hurdles […]

Open House in the CIS Sandbox

Join us on Thursday, November 21 from 4 to 6 pm in Smith 234 for our 3rd annual open house! Learn about the new CIS Sandbox swipe system, a super computer created by CIS Sandbox students, and projects by CIS Majors. We will also announce the winner of the CIS Sandbox IT 101 Games Contest […]

The Adventures of Gary the Gold Fish

The Adventures of Gary the Gold Fish features Gary the Goldfish as he swims in the ocean. The purpose is to swim with Gary using the arrow keys and eat the falling pellets before the food reaches the bottom of the tank. For each pellet Gary eats when he collides with the pellet, your score […]

Race to Class

The objective of the game is to get the student to the top of the hill, using the arrow keys to control him. Bumping into baby falcons causing you to lose the game, and you must make it to the top of the hill in at most 2 min or you lose. If you get […]

Lenny’s Revenge

The object of the game is to retrieve Lenny’s shell (the turtle being controlled). In order to do this, you must jump up the platforms dodging or killing mice along the way to reach the King Mouse, who is the culprit that took your shell. To retrieve the shell, you must kill the King Mouse […]