Crunch Time

Studying for the IT 101 final and realizing you don’t remember what a VLOOKUP Function is? Do you need help understanding what style to use to make your web page blue? Are your 3D references in excel coming out 2D? Then this review session may be for you! Three sessions will be held on Monday, […]

Excel Video Contest

To the Bentley Community, We are seeking students interested in being part of the Excel Video Project. Students would film themselves talking about how they use Excel. Do you use it for school, work, activities, etc.? What do you like about Excel? Be creative and be yourself! The clips will be used for an educational […]

IPhone Application Development by Tim Miller!

CIS Sandbox hosted an event on Wednesday, April 3 about iOS Application development by Tim Miller, a graduate student at Bentley. Tim’s session covered topics like how to develop iOS applications, what courses are available for learning how to develop these applications, how iOS application development fairs compared to Android application development. Tim provided a […]

“Rabbit Growth Hack” Case Competition

Would you like a paid summer internship & a $2,500 scholarship for Fall 2013? Rabbit is looking for the hottest new social-marketing all-star, tech entrepreneur, growth hacker, social media junkie, creative guru…you name it, to come work with the Rabbit team in their offices in San Francisco. From March 25th to April 15th, participants will […]