Meet the Majors Panel in the CIS Sandbox

[scrollGallery align=”center” id=18 h=300 w=220] Many students were in CIS Sandbox yesterday (March 27th) to get information about CIS Major/Minor. The event started with Professor Garfield explaining the curriculum, and Janet Ehl from Career Services talking about career opportunities and success of alumni. Afterwards, three invited alumni and current seniors shared their experiences with the […]

Managing Your Social Media Through HootSuite

HootSuite is an all-inclusive tool that helps you manage your online presence. By giving it access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn accounts, you can manage all of your posts, schedule them ahead of time, analyze how much traffic you’re generating, or how effective they are. What would be the benefit of being […]

Andy Rubin Calls it Quits on Android

Via The Verge There’s long been speculation about merging Chrome, Google’s desktop operating system, with Android. ChromeOS meets Android? Could this be the true hybridized operating system that Windows 8 promised to be? How would you feel about ChromeOS on your phone? » Read the full story here «

Ryan Norris – Big Data at Medullan

This past Tuesday, we had the honor to host a Medullan Career Event where the Director of Technology at Medullan and a Bentley CIS 2003 Graduate, Ryan Norris, enlightened us with the real world applications of Big Data. About 30 students attended the event, and one lucky person received an iPad mini from the door […]

4D printed objects ‘make themselves’

Thanks go to arbelhk on YouTube for the 4D printing video. For those who are interested in future technological trends, this article reports on a new experimental technology in development at MIT: a 3D printer that creates objects that put themselves together. This self-assembly feature has led one of its creators, Skylar Tibbits, to call […]