Report: CIS Sandbox makes people smarter

Okay…the headline might be embellished just a little. We cannot prove that the Sandbox makes people smarter. On the other hand, what we can prove is that visiting the Sandbox has a (statistically) significant impact on students’ IT 101 SAM assignment grades. Don’t believe us? Check this out: This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, […]

IT101 Review Session: Behind the Scenes

While the students were preparing for finals, the CIS Sandbox was preparing by setting up a review session for all the topics discussed throughout the course of the semester. Students signed up for these sessions online for one of three times provided. They they had the opportunity to post their questions online so that the […]

Innovative Teaching

Bentley provost Mike Page (at right) awarded professors Denise Hanes, Mystica Alexander, Jay Thibodeau, George Fishman, and me Bentley’s Innovation in Teaching Award for 2012 at the faculty meeting this morning. My application was for the innovative teaching and learning that happens in the CIS Sandbox. It was an unconventional application: Usually these awards are […]

Going to the moon?

For the modest price of $1,500,000,000 (that’s $1.5 billion dollars), you too could set foot on the moon. Although the idea is exciting to those looking forward to a space civilization, essentially all private programs attempting to launch into full orbit (rather than low earth orbit) have failed entirely. Interestingly, in private enterprise, the success […]