Windows 8 Launch Party Rescheduled

RESCHEDULED DUE TO HURRICANE SANDY!! Learn about new features of Windows 8, and install it on your PC in a virtual environment. The installation takes about 30 minutes. If you swing by the CIS Sandbox before the event, ask a CIS Sandbox assistant to show you how to get the files you need. Then you […]

Sandy and the Sandbox

Hurricane Sandy has caused Bentley to close, and cancel all day and evening classes Monday, October 29. The CIS Sandbox will also be closed. If you need help, try clicking on the Google Hangout link at the right – if a Sandbox tutor is around, they’ll be in the hang out and try to help […]

On Windows 8 at Bentley

The CIS Sandbox is sponsoring a Windows 8 Launch party on Monday at 5pm with Microsoft. The IT Client Services department just issued a statement about the use of Windows 8 at Bentley to faculty, staff, and students: Client Services has received many questions regarding the launch of Microsoft Windows 8. At this time, you […]

From Where has the Internet Evolved?

In 1999, the world chose Yahoo’s Geocities as it’s third most visited website. Ten years later, the once vibrant city shut its doors, and when that happened many people felt that the world lost an important part of 90’s history. Perhaps you were one of the adopters of Geocities. It was characterized by busy backgrounds, […]


It wouldn’t surprise if someone looked at the title of this blog and wondered what it could be because Microsoft did such a poor job marketing their cloud services (They must be busy marketing Internet explorer I guess). SkyDrive is probably one of the coolest cloud services available out there. You might wonder what could […]

Google Goggles and Google Glass

Google Goggles is an app available in the Google Play store on all Android devices and recently has been added to the applle app store. Google Goggles allows the user to use their phone to take pictures of anything from text, landmarks, books, artwork, contact info etc. And then allows them to use the information […]