Excel Help, Free

I happened to glance at FullDorm over the weekend and saw a post from someone willing to pay $80 for an hour with an Excel tutor who is experienced in macros, vlookup, and pivot tables. I thought … must be someone in IT 101. These topics are found in the last few Excel lessons in […]

Microsoft v/s Apple

There have been some interesting trends in the consumer technology companies in the recent years, most popularly between Microsoft and Apple.Although on the surface, it might seem that we are comparing apples to oranges, but the fact is that, Apple has rapidly destroyed Microsoft as a consumer Technology Company. Recently, Microsoft reported a profit of […]

Top Tech Trends for 2012

This article provided by has taken a look at what the emerging technology would be for 2012. Those technology hits include mobile trends, social networking, clouds and other cool electronic devices. This is an analysis article worth reading for Anyone who is interested in emerging technology! “With all the changes we’ve seen in technology […]

Mashery Presentation

If you missed the Mashery presentation in the Sandbox, here’s another chance to see what you missed. Victor Mahillon, a Bentley alumni and a talent recruiter at Mashery, and his team talk about what API’s are and how the company supplies them to leading companies for use in their mobile apps. It was a very […]

How to use Gmail wisely?

Hello everyone, Have you ever felt tired about the tons of emails you receive every day? Especially those commercials from the brands that you don’t even remember when you gave out your email address. What’s worse, those important emails were buried among your email ocean and didn’t get your timely attention. Gmail offers a bunch […]

Google Dashboard

Do you have an email account on GMail? What about Youtube? Google+? Google Talk? Do you do Google searches while you’re logged into your Google account, or use the Google Calendar? As you can see, Google has a lot of products that are available for the daily user. And each product comes with its own […]