Get Tweeting…

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-1793″> Technology is advancing faster than we know it, changing the way we eat, sleep and well pretty much our daily routine. Not only is it in our latest gadgets, but is also affecting how we deal with people, business and communities. Can you imagine to leave your mobile phone for a minute? Or even […]

The CIS Sandbox is famous!

Recently the CIS Sandbox was featured in the Bentley Observer for a quick special about all that the lab has to offer. Starring Professor Mark Frydenberg, Dylan, and Matt! Watch as they walk through the various things we’ve accomplished recently in the lab as well as some new added technologies!

IT101: Website Images Not Showing Up?

If you are having trouble with your website images working on your computer but not showing up online, your website likely cannot access the images. (To better read the text in the video, view full screen and use 480p quality setting.) Pictures are not actually stored in webpages; instead, webpages “point” to locations of pictures. […]

Tutors being Tutored

seemingly a novel idea, but sometimes, even tutors need a review on how to do certain things in certain disciplines. 2 weeks ago, there was a workshop within the sandbox that was only for sandbox employees to review how Swing in Java works. Swing is an extremely flexible library used for creating graphical user interfaces […]