Tutoring vs. helping students with an assignment

Students often enter The Sandbox looking for help on a particular assignment. It wasn’t until Finals Week that I noticed students coming in for general questions and study help; and even then, the number of students was sparse. This presents a particular puzzlement for our talented staff of tutors: there is a thin line between […]

The Touch Pad

For those of you who are on the old laptops, you may have noticed that the new laptops support some interesting features that mac users tend to boast about, such as using two fingers to scroll through web pages rather than using the bar to the right of your touch pad, or pinching your fingers […]

Sandbox Stats

Lots of interesting stats from the Sandbox this semester. We ran this presentation last week at our open house. If you’re one of the 500+ people who swiped in during the semester, watch your email from me for a link to a survey. Please take a moment to tell us how we’re doing, and what […]

Project Window!

Did you know we have Windows now..?? Well this is not the touch optimized windows 8(we do have that too though!), its the actual window which has been missing in Smith 234. The Sandbox at Smith 234 went through a major overhaul over the summer, this window is the latest addition. Hit on Play button […]