Augmented Reality Lenses

Augmented Reality seems to be a trending topic in today’s technological world. Augmented Reality is not a new topic; however, what makes it more appealing now is the evolution of the mobile phone. This small device has the ability to connect to many different databases and figure out where you are. In accordance to the […]

New Windows in the Sandbox

You might have thought the redesign of the Sandbox during the Summer of 2011 was the end of the renovation, but it has just received yet another feature: windows. No, I’m not referring to to a new (leaked) version of Windows 9 that is being secretly developed by Microsoft while they’re still in the development […]


Playing in the Sandbox

The Bentley Vanguard has a great article about us this week. Thanks for writing about us! Lots of people have noticed us lately: we were in the Bentley Newsroom and Campus Technology since we opened earlier this semester. Stop by and visit, or join us for our open house on December 1, where you try […]

Hacking your xBox…wait you can do that?!

In light of the recent events that have occurred in the Sandbox over the past couple of days, I’d like to share a couple of things about the xBox Kinect and all its glory (aka how to hack it to make really cool things that Microsoft never intended) in order to add onto Conner’s previous […]

The Golden Rule

Some of you who came to the Sandbox commented on how the tutors are able to take a problem that has been torturing you for hours, and within a matter of minutes, guide you through smashing the biggest obstacles in your way. Other times, they alert you to potential obstacles early enough for you to […]

Field F/X and your next job

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough about baseball, technology, and the economics of baseball. You probably watch over 100 of your favorite team’s games per year. You know the tendency of every batter and pitcher on the team. And you can tell which player is which from a mile away based on the […]


As some of you know, we have had an Xbox 360 with Kinect set up in the sandbox for quite some time now. What you may not know, however, is that Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor can also be used with Windows. To demonstrate how, we set up this simple game using the Kinect Sensor, the Smart […]

Creative Block?

Submissions are rolling in for the CIS Sandbox’s logo contest! Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far. For those of you who are experiencing creative block and could use some motivation, here are some places to start: LogoMaker LogoYes LogoEase AAA-Logo Mark came up with this simple logo in less than 5 minutes: Think […]