Tricks of the Trade (CS 180)

Learning Java programming language is just like learning Spanish, English, or Mandarin – it requires commitment and practice. Just like a regular language, a programming language has rules, syntax, structure, conventions, etc. It doesn’t require anyone to be smart to learn Java programming, you just have to get used to it, YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE. […]


You’ve probably wondered what the giant LCD tv’s in Smith have been flashing around. If it was too quick for you to catch, here is the presentation that is on the Google TV’s. It provides hours, pictures of our tutors, and much much more. Check it out! I made it using software called Prezi. New […]

Welcome to the Sandbox!

I was asked to write about why we created the Sandbox, its goals and purposes, how students will be using it, and what other universities have similar facilities. As we prepare for our grand opening on Monday, September 26, here are some insights into what we were thinking. The CIS Learning and Technology Sandbox is […]

What is Data Integration?

Data integration comprises the practices, architectural techniques and tools for achieving consistent access to, and delivery of, data across a wide range of enterprise data subject areas and data structure types to meet the data consumption requirements of applications and business processes. Data integration is concerned with consistency of values and common semantics. Data integration […]

EISP: Evil Internet Service Providers

In recent years we have become very attached to the internet. As a matter of fact one household may have several internet subscriptions. Back home my family has seven different internet subscriptions and we are a household of five people. Here in the states I am living with one roommate and in total we are […]

Cable Management

Margarita Alicia Saez has been doing a fantastic job at managing the renovations in Smith 234. Her attention to detail is even more than mine. This week, as we prepared the finishing touches before our opening on Monday, she introduced me to a new term: cable management. By hiding the cables in raceways beneath the […]