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Classroom Software

Android Studio
Used in: CS 480/680
Development IDE for Android operating system

Used in: IT101
Web development tool for pushing HTML and CSS files to websites.

Construct 2
Used in: IT101
Microsoft game editor for creating HTML5 games without coding.

Used in : CS 180, CS 280, CS 603
Development environment fine tuned for Java and other programming languages.

IBM SPSS Statistics 24
Statistic package used to analyze large data sets.

Oracle 11g
Used in : CS 350, CS 605, CS 650
An object-relational database management system.
Oracle 11g Express Edition, which allows users to run a local database with all of the functionality of Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer
Used in: CS 350, CS 605, CS 650
A portable tool with SQL and programming utilities that interfaces with Oracle databases.

Oracle Warehouse Builder
Used in: CS 753
An ETL tool that offers graphical environment to build, manage, and maintain data integration process in BI systems.

SAS Software
An analytical package to help teams find and report on business patterns.