The CIS Sandbox will close on Sunday (Easter) and Monday (Patriots Day) and reopen Monday evening at 5 pm.



Check out the software we offer in Smith 234 and 212!

Classroom Software

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (includes Bridge, Device Central)
Used in: ITCA
Application with HTML and visual editor for website development.

Android SDK
Used in: CS 402/612
Development kit for Android operating system
API 7 = Android 2.1 = “Eclair”
API 15 = Android 4 = “Ice Cream Sandwich”

Used in : CS 180, CS 280, CS 603, CS 402/612
Development environment fine tuned for Java and other programming languages.

Used in: CS 213, IDCC
File sharing client that allows files to be uploaded to or downloaded from servers.

Java JDK
Used in : CS 180, CS 280, CS 402/612, CS 603
Java development kit that allows you to create Java applications.

Oracle 11g
Used in : CS 350, CS 605, CS 650
An object-relational database management system.
**New for 2012: Oracle 11g Express Edition, which allows users to run a local database with all of the functionality of Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer
Used in: CS 350, CS 605, CS 650
A portable tool with SQL and programming utilities that interfaces with Oracle databases.

Other Useful Software

Foxit Reader
Free, low resource PDF reader

MS SQL Server 2008
A relational database client tool to access MS SQL databases.

MS Silverlight 3 SDK
Application that supports writing and running rich internet applications.

MS Visual Studio 2010
Application used to develop console and graphical user interface applications as well as web sites, web services, etc.