The Internet is the future. Learn to Code for it!

The Internet is the future. Learn to Code for it!

Take a look at useful HTML libraries
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Libraries for CSS styles
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Useful JavaScript Resource
W3C Tools

Excited by web development? Try…

  • jQuery
    A fantastic JavaScript library that makes coding awesome web solutions very easy.
  • Brackets
    A free web editor made by Adobe. It is currently still in beta, but allows for easy editing of styles and javascript, regardless of where the files are located in your filesystem. In addition, this editor has a fantastic live-preview mode that views changes as you type them into the browser of your choice.
  • Twitter Bootstrap
    A front-end framework (HTML, CSS & JS Library) that uses creates a lot of awesome HTML5/jQuery styles and behaviors. This allows you to create mobile websites that scale to desktop sites quickly and easily.
  • three.js
    A fantastic JavaScript 3D platform that is blossoming.
  • Flot
    A jQuery plotting/graphing library.
  • Node.js
    A great JavaScript library (still in beta) that is built on the Chrome Runtime Engine to provide easy to code, network applications.