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Upload your game to your website

This video shows the steps involved to upload your game to your website:

  • Export your game as HTML5 to a folder called Game
  • Move the Game folder from your desktop (or where ever you saved it) to your website folder
  • Upload the Game folder to your account using Filezilla
  • Visit  to play your game.

Remember to add a page called game.html to your website which contains a screenshot of your game, rules for playing, and a link to your game at . The link that opens in a new window.

Gaming Workshops with Sebastian


  • Part 1 is The Basics.  Learn about the basics of Construct 2 and develop a 2D video game!
  • Part 2 is Studio Time! Learn to advanced mechanics to your game.



To be eligible for the prizes, you need to post your Game on Your Bentley Website before Weds November 23 at midnight.

Special Events

  • Help from Sebastian, Jake, and other tutors in the CIS Sandbox ... Saturday Nov 19th (2-6pm) and Sunday Nov 20th (1-4pm)
  • Pizza and Play Party Wednesday Nov 30 from 2 to 3:30  pm in the CIS Sandbox - play the best games.... Grand Prize Winners announced, prizes awarded


  • Here are some videos on gaming in the cloud from Microsoft. 

Game Contest

Game Contest

  • To be considered for the game contest, please post your game to your website and REGISTER YOUR GAME by midnight Tuesday November 22nd. The sooner the better!
  • To register your game you will need the name of your game, and the web addresses for your game.html page on your Bentley website, and the page on Azure where you posted your game as a web app.
  • Games will be judged based on:
    • originality
    • playability
    • CIS Sandbox tutor review
    • fun factor
    • creativity
  • Attend the Pizza/Publish/Play party date on Wednesday Nov 30th at 2 pm in the CIS Sandbox for a chance to play the finalist games and vote for your favorite games. To be considered as a finalist, a game must be published as a web app on  Microsoft Azure. We will notify you if your game is one of the finalists.

Gaming Resources


Make Your Own Game

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