Pastebin Guide

Description: For those of you who take programming classes such as CS 180 and 280, or any type of class where you might need to send large amounts of information to a tutor to help resolve a problem, pastebin will be able to assist you.

This guide is aimed at Java students.

the first step is to open

Then, paste your code into the huge text box that dominates the screen. If your code is multiple files (as is the case in java when you are dealing with multiple classes), paste them all into this field, and separate them with:

//==== – [Name of your class here] – =========================

Once you are done with that, change the syntax highlighting to Java, give it any title you desire, and hit submit.

The URL of pastebin will change to include a code along with the URL. Simply give us this URL, and we will be able to view your code