To Join the CIS Sandbox on Zoom:


  • Copy this Meeting ID: 998-7176-3720
  • Click here to launch Zoom
  • In Zoom, click Join a Meeting, paste the Meeting ID, and enter the meeting.

 Several courses have weekly drop-in hours / review sessions with designated tutors. See the colorful table at the bottom of this page.


 The schedule below shows the tutors who are working in the CIS Sandbox online. 


 To see when tutors for specific courses are available, please type the course number (such as IT 101 or CS 602) in the by keyword box in the Filter section of the left sidebar. To see when a tutor is working, type their first name in the by keyword box in the Filter section.



Weekly  Review Sessions and Tutor Drop-in Hours

CIS Sandbox Tutors hold regular weekly drop-in hours for the CIS and IT courses listed below.  While the tutors listed will be coordinating specifically with the instructors teaching specific sections of each course, you can attend any drop-in review session for a course you are taking, regardless of which section you are in.  

 If no students join a Zoom meeting within the first 20 minutes of its scheduled start time, tutors may end the session early.  Contact the tutor beforehand if you plan to attend but will be arriving late, to be sure they will wait for you!