Fall 2016 IT 101 Gaming Assignment

Important Dates Rescheduled

Games are due by midnight Nov 23 (the day before Thanksgiving) posted to your Azure website and the game page on your web.bentley.edu website

Register Your Game here by midnight, Weds. November 23rd 

You will need the web addresses of your game.html page on your web.bentley.edu website, and the location of your game on your Azure website.

Weds Nov 30  2:00 PM  - Pizza party in the Sandbox with Top Games Announced.  Plan to attend!

Tues Dec 6 2 pm - Demo Winning Games at CIS Sandbox open house with President Larson

 IT 101 Gaming Assignment

Working individually or with a partner, create your own 2-D Platform Game using Construct 2 sized to play on a mobile device.

You might model it after the game we created in class, or look at one of the tutorials on the Construct 2 web site and model it based on one of those tutorials, or create something entirely original.


Basic Features

Your game should include all of these features:

  • An attractive home screen with a button to play the game and basic rules or a description of the game
  • A game screen, that when the game is over, returns you back to the home screen
  • Keyboard input
  • Touch Input
  • Spawned objects
  • Music or sound
  • Attractive graphics
  • Published to your website
  • Published to Windows Store using the class account

Advanced Features

Your game should include at least four advanced features:

  • Allow user to turn on or off background music
  • Score keeping
  • Collision Detection
  • Randomization of speed, placement of objects, etc.
  • Other advanced features

You can include as many advanced features as you want to add to your game-play experience.

Publish your Game to Windows Azure, the Microsoft Cloud

Azure Uploading has instructions on how to upload your files to Azure.

Publish your game on Azure be eligible for prizes and the game contest.

Promote Your Game on Your Website

On the game.html page of your IT101  website, include:

  • a screenshot or two of your game,
  • a brief description, and write which features above you included (and how). 
  • Include a link to a "full screen" version of your game (hosted on Azure).

In Construct 2:

File... Export ... Save as HTML 5 to save your game as HTML 5 in a folder, perhaps you call it YourGameFolder.

Upload the entire YourGameFolder folder to your Azure web site, then link to it from the game.html page on your Bentley website:

<a href="http://yourazurewebsite.azurewebsites.net/YourGameFolder" target="_blank">Play My Game!</a>




Grading is based on CIS Sandbox tutor reviews and the instructor's comments. We will look for originality, playability, complexity, and aesthetics.


Your game is very similar to the tutorial we did in class, but you changed the graphics or sounds.   Not so original, but you get the idea.


Your game has a different play model, but it's not very playable. Either you always "win"  or lose immediately, or the play is not intuitive.   Or it's just not fun.


Your game is original, uses all of the required features and several advanced features, and is highly addictive.