Check out this amazing video on YouTube if you need additional assistance with Python! This video includes basic topics like variables, strings, formatting, string methods, math function, if-statement and while loops, and more advanced topics including classes, tuples, dictionaries, basic machine learnings, and so on. This video is just intended to be an additional source of information besides your professor and textbook.

Full List of topics: Variables, Receiving Input, Type Conversion, Strings, Formatted Strings, String Methods, Arithmetic Operations, Operator Precedence, Math Functions, If Statements, Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, Weight Converter Program, While Loops, For Loops, Nested Loops, Lists, 2D Lists, List Methods, Tuples, Unpacking, Dictionaries, Emoji Converter, Functions, Parameters, Keyword Arguments, Return Statement, Creating a Reusable Function, Exceptions, Comments, Classes, Constructors, Inheritance, Packages, Generating Random Values, Working with Directories, Pypi and Pip, and a few cases in additional to all those fun topics!