Come learn about CyberSecurity from Dr. Birgy Lorenz

Dr Birgy Lorenz

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia

Fulbright scholar

BIO: Birgy Lorenz is a scientist that focuses on her work on human aspects of cybersecurity and laypersons cybersecurity and digital safety competencies. She has been an informatics teacher and IT manager for 17 years, worked at lecturer 14 years, developed Estonian curricula for cybersecurity from basic school to high school. She works also with talents (young hackers) to improve their skills (both technical and social) through different cyber exercises/events (project CyberOlympic). She is interested in cybersecurity competencies development and gamification possibilities to train students, talents and society + develop models around that, digital safety awareness possibilities and teacher education (IT and cyber competencies of the teachers/trainers/lecturers).

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In her Fulbright US adventure, she will be presenting her game of CyberSecurity Stories, what is used to talk about the funny and crazy thing that happens in cyber realms.

CyberSecurity Stories February 19th @2pm in Smith 234

On 19th February (Cyber Sec Stories)  – will play a game of Cyber Sec Stories. The game is developed me and my university students. We also discuss what are the minimal cybersecurity skills needed to function in the world today (at home, at work, in a society). Workshop will be interactive and everyone can share their ideas and stories.

Fun video about the topic:

How to Hack Through Search March 5th @2pm in Smith 234

On 5th March (How to hack through search) – will look into open source intelligence that means we hack using our internet search skills. There is data everywhere and hackers have lot of time to gather it and construct a plan for attack. I will introduce different tools and ways to do it form the fake profiles to looking into ones sleeping patterns etc. Will discuss also ethics around being a white, gray and black hat and why one should know about common internet fraud.

Fun video:

Hacking Competition March 19th @2pm in Smith 234

On 19th March (Hacking competition) – it will be a team competition (teams will be formed onsite) where everyone can solve different puzzles and exercises to find answers. Tasks are in a beginner level to intermediate, everyone can choose the tasks to their interest and level. Participating in the event gives one understanding of how to think out of the box and also gather digital evidences and what cybersecurity competitions all about.

Something similar we did in Estonia 2019 December