IT101 Review Session: Behind the Scenes

While the students were preparing for finals, the CIS Sandbox was preparing by setting up a review session for all the topics discussed throughout the course of the semester. Students signed up for these sessions online for one of three times provided. They they had the opportunity to post their questions online so that the staff could provide examples for the types of questions the students would be asking. Once the questions were posted, the CIS Staff used examples from course material to dive deeper into the topics and explain what each element means. Popular topics included Count If, VLOOKUP, Pivot tables, and questions regarding the wireless router lab. When this was completed, the room was transformed and there was enough space to seat the fifty occupants.Behind the scenes, the jobs included checking in all students to validate we met maximum capacity as well as seeing if there was room for people on the waiting list. Once the session began, the students that did not want to ask questions out loud but had concerns could send their questions into an interactive chat room that the tutors saw and answered throughout the session. The computer in which the tutor was using was displayed in all of the monitors in the room so that students could see clearly no matter where they were sitting. By the end of the session, we had gone through a great amount of material and the students gave positive feedback as to how much the sessions reviewed the topics discussed in class.