Windows 8 Install Disc

Posted on November 11th, 2012 by peterse_jame_

Windows 8 was just released a couple weeks ago. Did you know that Bentley offers students a free upgrade to the new OS? Let me start off by mentioning that Bentley has said it does not want you to install Windows 8 on your Bentley laptops. However, if you have another computer or PC you can feel free to upgrade and experiment. The CIS Sandbox will have the install disc of the 32 bit version and you can ask any Sandbox employee for this disc to be used in the lab starting Monday. This install disc will save you about 30-60 minutes. Because if you don’t have one you would have to make one from the ISO file. Here is how you can upgrade to windows 8.

1. If you don’t want to lose your files, back them up.
2. Go to this link and click the 32 bit version of Windows 8 (which is the install disc we have, you have to make your own if you want the 64 bit)

3. Get your product key from the purchase (which again is free)
4. Insert the install disc and follow the on screen instructions (remember to back up all your information before you do this)
5. It will ask for the product key you received in step 3.
6. Follow the on screen instructions which will download windows 8 and restart your computer a few times before you can run windows 8.

That’s it! We also have the ISO on flash drives if someone is using the disk or you prefer the USB version. On the flash drive we also have VMware which will allow you to run Windows 8 in a virtual environment to test it out before you go for the full install.

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