• BizEd

    CIS Sandbox featured in BizEd

    The CIS Sandbox was recently featured in BizEd magazine, the leading publication for business school news! Check out the article here.

  • Amazon-Go-TA

    Cashier-Less Grocery Store?

    The new Amazon Go store is set to debut its first physical location to the public in Seattle sometime this year. Coined by Amazon as a “Just Walk Out Shopping […]

  • Excel 2016 Videos!

    Sam Assignment 4 Excel Tutorial

    Need help creating and formatting charts in Excel for Sam Assignment 4? Check out these videos!

  • augmented reality

    Learning About Augmented Reality on an International Scale

    Students in my IT 101 classes over the past several years have been pairing up with students at Politehnica University of Timisoara in Romania, to learn about technology.  They figure […]

  • Excel 2016 Videos!

    Sam Assignment 3 Excel Tutorial

    Need help with the functions and formulas in Sam Assignment 3? Check out this video!

  • FileZilla


    Are you working on your website? Here’s a reminder on how to use Filezilla to upload your files to the server.  

  • Hyperloop featured


    Imagine reaching San Francisco in less than 40 minutes from Los Angeles. Yes, a journey like that is not too far in the future. A concept which surfaced multiple times […]