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Digging Up Treasure in the CIS Sandbox

Gordon Hardy asked me to write a post for the Bentley IMPACT blog on unexpected things that have happened in the CIS Sandbox since we opened two years ago. It’s up on IMPACT now.


We have been able to reach students whose minds often are tuned into iPads and iPhones: A collaborative working space integrated with a social media presence promotes informal learning about technology. Companies and students shape activities and services beyond tutoring in an age where BYOD requires us to offer more than just access.  This is a new paradigm for engaging students in IT learning.


3 Ways to Reconfigure an Old Computer Lab

EdTech magazine published  my article about the making of the CIS Sandbox, and things we considered as we transformed an eleven year-old space into a campus destination for computing. Read it online.

Update: Thanks to EdTech for a framed copy of the article that’s now hanging in the CIS Sandbox.


Inside the Box

Observer Winter 2012

Shortly after we opened the CIS Sandbox last fall, Caleb Cochran from the Bentley Observer asked if we could do a photoshoot of the CIS Sandbox to give people a sense of our new space. The panoramic result above appears in the Winter 2012 Bentley Observer magazine.

The photo shoot was scheduled just before Thanksgiving, so it was quiet in the Sandbox that day, as many students had already made plans to go home for the holiday. We mustered up a few students to help out with the photo shoot.
A few photos of how this shot was captured, and a video tour of the
CIS Sandbox featuring Matt Somma and Dylan Sumiskum, after the jump.

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Sandbox News

bentley newsroomcampus technology article

The Bentley Newsroom wrote a short article published todayannouncing to the campus community that we’re open.

Campus Technology interviewed me about the technology, online, and collaborative aspects of the Sandbox in an interview that appeared on Nov. 2, 2011.

Lots going on that students are doing in the Sandbox these days. In addition to helping students with their classes, we’re offering a workshop with Microsoft on xbox development, and one next week on phone development. There’s a logo contest (the winner gets an ipod) and lots of other good information!